Elite Little Dog In-Ground Fence Review

November 29, 2018

This in-ground dog fence from PetSafe is specifically designed for little dogs.  The supplied collar is appropriate for dogs over five pounds and can be adjusted for a neck from 6 to 26 inches. The system itself is a fairly standard in-ground fence with little to differentiate it from competitors, but it does come in cheaper than most, making it an attractive buy.


08/12/2018 elite little

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Package Contents

Although on the cheaper end of the market, PetSafe still supply you with everything you could need to get started, this includes:

  • Fence Transmitter – Small gray, plastic unit along with wall mounting bracket. Can be used to cover an area up to 25 acres.
  • Power Adapter – Provides power to your fence transmitter.
  • Surge Protector – To protect your transmitter from surges to both the power adapter and boundary wire.
  • 500ft of Boundary Wire – enough to enclose an area of around a third of an acre. Also supplied with flags to demarcate boundary and two joins to splice wires.
  • Receiver Collar – Small black unit, as well as required PetSafe battery.
  • Operating/Training Manual and Test tool – Guidelines on how to setup your system and train your pets to understand it.

Transmitterelite little 2

The transmitter provided is a simple plastic enclosure, very similar to some irrigation controllers. The unit is not weatherproof and should be installed inside. It doesn’t need much attention, so can be installed against a wall, somewhere out of the way. A mounting bracket is supplied to support that.

A surge protector and power adapter are both supplied for the unit, and you can refer to the manual for the correct way to connect it all, but it is pretty straight forward. The unit can be used to surround an area up to 25 acres large, with sufficient additional wiring, and both ends of the boundary wire must return to the transmitter box.

The box measures about 6” long and 4” wide with a depth of 2”. Most of the controls and terminals are hidden behind a plain cover which hinges on the side. Boundary layout variants are fairly standard, and the instruction manual goes into a lot of detail about different ways you can choose to formulate one.

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  • Boundary Width Control – At the point where you lay the boundary wire, an area can be set where the pet will receive an audible warning before a correction is provided. The width of this boundary can be set on the transmitter
  • Notification Lights – Two lights are shown on the front panel, one indicates that power is being supplied to the unit, and the other gives an indication of the state of the boundary wire. An alarm will also sound from the transmitter if the boundary loop wire is damaged.

Collarelite little example

The collar is made from a banded black and white nylon. It has a plastic clip for easy removal and can be adjusted for dogs with a neck from 6” to 26”.
The receiver unit is designed intentionally to be as small as possible to ensure it does not irritate your dog. It is housed in a semi-transparent dark plastic that is fully waterproof and a button and power switch are present. The power switch is actually an implementation of PetSafe’s unique battery.

The PetSafe RFA-188 battery is used by a number of PetSafe’s products, and due to PetSafe’s ubiquity, they can be purchased for between three and five dollars each at many pet stores. The battery lasts between three to six months, although several customers have attested to it lasting longer. Battery life will depend on how often a correction is delivered, and a low battery light is present on the receiver.

The collar can be set to 5 different levels of response for when your pet oversteps its bounds. Level 1 is just an audible tone, and then levels 2 to 5 are incremental levels of static stimulation. This can be adjusted depending on your dog’s temperament.

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Additional Features

One common problem with in-ground fences, is that dogs are able to run through the boundary zone, receiving correction, but once beyond it, are free to go without any more correction. PetSafe have implemented a run through prevention system into this in-ground fence collar.

The collar is able to detect roughly what distance it is from the wire. That is how it is able to provide a warning tone before starting static correction. It uses this same technology to increase the level of static correction that your pet will experience if it continues moving towards the fence, this way encouraging it to turn around.

To protect your dog though, in case something malfunctions, or were it to get trapped in the boundary zone, over stimulation protection is also implemented. This prevents static corrections from being applied for more than 30 seconds. The warning tone will continue to chime until it returns to the safe area though.


PetSafe designed this product especially for your smaller pets, but can be used for dogs of almost any size. Although it isn’t the most sophisticated product, and many of their other offerings have more advanced features, the Elite Little Dog In-Ground Fence meets all the requirements for the average installation. It is also quite a bit cheaper than other products and gets the thumbs up from most customers. If you understand how these fences work and are willing to put the effort into training your dog on the system you will be more than happy with this kit.