eXtreme Professional Series In-Ground Fence Review

eXtreme Dog Fence have released a series of kits so you can purchase one to fit your exact situation. Most other products are sold as a single dog kit, with a set length of boundary wire. You are then able to purchase additional collars and lengths of wire at a premium. eXtreme Dog Fence, have taken that task out of the way, and let you by a single kit for up to 5 dogs, and up to 2 acres of land. The eXtreme Professional Series boasts an easy installation with high customizability.


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Package Contents

So what all is provided. The base unit is a 1 Dog, 500 feet system. As such your package will contain:

  • Perimeter Dog Fence Transmitter – a neat white plastic unit with digital display, capable of covering an area up to 10 acres.
  • Power Supply – A wall outlet power supply to provide power to your transmitter as well as surge protector.
  • 500 feet of wire – Enough wire to cover a third of an acre of land as well as two joins for splicing wire together.
  • Flags and pegs – Enough flags are provided to mark out the area, and pegs are provided to keep the wire in place if you do not feel it necessary to bury the wire.
  • Collar Receiver – a lightweight collar, designed for dogs between 8 and 120 pounds.

Transmitterhow much wire

The transmitter is a neat little unit that will easily mount to any wall in your house. It measures less than five inches’ square, and the plastic front plate removes to give you access to the boundary wire terminals. To help with programming the collars, it has a small display and two buttons.

The transmitter has an adjustable boundary zone, which can be set between just a few inches all the way up to 32 feet. This is the area during which a dog will receive a warning tone instead of having a static correction applied. In total this unit can cover up to 10 acres of land.

To make installation easier, mounting supplies are provided to get you set up quicker. The included surge protector will also help prevent damage to your transmitter by either power surges to the power supply or to your boundary wire loop.


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A lot of thought was taken in designing the collar receiver in this kit, and it has some redeeming factors. One thing we don’t like though is their battery choice. Other in-ground fences either make use of a built-in rechargeable battery, or generic batteries such as the square 9V batteries.

To ensure a collar that is as light as possible while still delivering long performance, they have designed a proprietary battery which makes use of four single cell batteries. They provide a battery life of 4-6 months, and result in the 1.1-ounce design, but can cost $10 to replace.

The collar is otherwise made of a black nylon with a plastic clip for easy removal, and the receiver is encased in a white, waterproof casing. Two sets of contact points are provided, and it goes a step further with comfort contacts being supplied. These are unique conductive rubber covers, which are placed over the contact points, and which result in a less irritating experience for your dogs. They are consumables though, so may require replacement over time.

Additional Featuresmetal

Another unique feature of the transmitter used, is its patented temperature check system. In most in-ground fence systems the boundary zone is liable to vary over time. This means that even though you set your boundary zone to be five feet, it can vary by as much as an additional five feet. This is mainly as a result of temperature fluctuations. The transmitter in the eXtreme Professional Series kit takes this into account and adjusts appropriately, resulting in a deviation of no more than 5%.

The system allows for a set static correction level to be specified ranging in four steps from extra light to high. It also has a progressive option. In this mode, the level of static correction increases the closer the dog gets to your boundary, or the longer it remains in the boundary zone. Should it get caught in the boundary zone though, there is an automatic safety shut-off which disables the collar after 20 seconds of correction.

The entire kit is also made in the USA. eXtreme Dog Fence make use of only the highest quality products to ensure a long life, and offer top level support, whether to troubleshoot, help with setup or advise on training your dog. The kit also includes an instructional manual and DVD with all the information you need.


>>Click Here to See Pricing, Ratings and Reviews on Amazon.com<<


The eXtreme Professional Series offers several advantages over its customers, and is a good option for those not wanting to mess around with extra purchases. While you may expect to save with such a purchase, the eXtreme Professional Series is still a costly product.

On closer inspection, this kit is just a repackaged product, with extra materials supplied. The actual transmitter and collar used are products manufactured by Perimeter Technologies. eXtreme Dog Fences do add value to their kits, but before purchasing, you may want to shop around and see if you can find a suitable package cheaper direct from Perimeter Technologies.

Otherwise if you’re just looking for convenience, then there’s nothing wrong with the eXtreme Professional Series. The transmitter and receiver are high quality, as are the additional products, and customers have very little in the way of complaints.