Havahart Wireless Radial-Shape 2 Wireless Fence Review


Range: Up to 13 acres (80 to 800 ft. in diameter)

Cost: $$$ (slightly higher price than others in this market. Use the box at the bottom of this review to find today’s price. It fluctuates thanks to the frequent sales and deals found on Amazon)

Verdict: Good buy if you have a large property, or need to be able to customize the range. Easily the most versatile unit available.


One of the biggest advantages of the Havahart Wireless Radial Shape 2 Wireless Fence is the customizability of the settings. Because of this, the unit comes highly recommended for those who want adjustable settings. It would also be a good unit to travel with. Unlike the other wireless fences available, this one has a fully-adjustable, (to the nearest foot) circular range of anywhere between 40 and 400 feet in radius.

Like the other fences, it is wireless, so there is a lot less hassle when it comes to setting up the unit, with no need to waste your time digging a trench to lay wire. On the collar there is a tone-only setting for training, then five different correction settings. This fence will be restricted to those owners with medium to large dogs though, as the collar will only fit your dog’s neck if it is between 14 to 26 inches. The unit is also restricted (like all other units) to dogs that are over 6 months old, and weigh over eight pounds. Like the PIF00-12917, the battery is rechargeable up to 500 times.

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The Havahart transmitter is equipped with an LCD screen that lets you set the distance of the fence boundary, as well as customize correction levels. This makes it advantageous when compared to the ‘clunkiness’ of other models available that require you to set correction only on the collar, and boundaries only on the transmitter.

The unit also comes with two sets of correction probes. Short probes are provided for short haired dogs, while the long probes are for long or thick haired dogs. Some thick haired dogs don’t feel a normal correction with short probes, so the longer probes are useful. As with the PIF-300, this model has a 30 second safety time out feature for correction. This means after your dog has passed the boundary and had been corrected for 30 seconds, the time out will activate and correction will stop, ensuring that your dog won’t be continually corrected. 75 training flags are included with the model, and a video to help with the set-up of the product, for those dog owners new to wireless fences.

The containment system also includes a wider trigger zone to maximize dog training and safety. The correction zone has been increased from between 6 to 13 feet. This means that when your dog approaches the boundary, they have more time, when they hear the warning beep, to turn back into the safety zone. This will minimize the risk of unnecessary corrections for your pet. This unit is also considered by most users to be extremely easy to set up, and by many, the easiest to set up – as well as move – out of all the units. Because of this, it could be a great choice for first-time users of wireless containment systems.

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Some customers have experienced problems with the signal being blocked or lost because of obstacles such as thick trees. Dogs can still be trained with flags to know where the general boundary is, but if your house is in a heavily wooded area, then this system is probably not for you as the signal will become too disrupted.

The other drawback is that, although batteries in this unit are rechargeable, they will still drain rather quickly and need replacing. Although this may be due more to stubborn dogs repeatedly testing the boundaries. If you train your dog to respect the boundary well, then this problem shouldn’t arise.

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Dog owners also found that when contact with base is completely lost, the Havahart shuts down and doesn’t do anything. This is opposed to the PetSmart systems that will start automatically start correcting when contact is lost with base. If the dog discovers correction stops on the Havahart system when it gets past a certain point, then it will know it can run through to freedom.

This system would be mainly recommended to dog owners who don’t have a ‘typically-sized’ backyard, and want a highly customizable setting for boundaries. Because it is easily portable, and the boundaries are quite adjustable, the system would also double as a good unit to use for travel. Since the unit does experience interference when objects are in the way, it is probably best for those dog owners who live on fairly flat, non-woody area.

Havahart Wireless Radial-Shape Select Fence for Medium-Large Dogs
Havahart Wireless Radial-Shape Select Fence for Medium-Large Dogs
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