Pawz Away for Dogs Outdoor Pet Barrier Review


Range: 16 ft. diameter (150 ft. diameter with the addition of an underground wire)

Cost: $ (quite a bit lower in price than others in this market, but that’s because it is a smaller deterrent rather than a full containment system fence. Use the box at the bottom of the review to find today’s price. It fluctuates thanks to the frequent sales and deals found on Amazon)

Verdict: A really handy system to keep your dog out of areas where they aren’t supposed to be (flower beds, pool, sensitive areas). Low cost, minimal footprint – we like it.


The Pawz Away model is actually meant to deter pets from going into certain areas such as pools, rose beds, or patios. Because of this, it’s a great unit for pet owners who don’t need a physical fence, but simply want to keep their dog away from things in their yard.

The barrier transmitter is designed as a rock to intentionally blend into the landscape. In this case, the correction will begin when the dog enters the area, and will continue until it leaves. The system should only be used on dogs that weigh over 5 pounds. The collar will fit a dog with a neck size between 6 to 28 inches and both the transmitter and collar are waterproof.

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It’s also worth pointing out that the system doesn’t actually come with batteries, so it’s important to stock up before the deterrent system arrives. The unit will require 4 D batteries to work. Unlike some other units, the batteries seem to last a longer time on this system, which means you don’t have to spend as much replacing them.

The transmitter itself, is quite a small unit which makes it easy to conceal or disguise. With this deterrent system, the collar will give a warning beep when the dog approaches the boundary. Correction will then be given when your dog enters the restricted area.

The wireless setting has a range of 16 feet in diameter. However, if you purchase additional boundary wire, you can create a loop of any shape up to 150 ft. long. Unlike other models, this wire can be made into a custom shape of any kind. Some dog owners have even started using this system as a pet containment system, instead of a deterrent system. Although details of how this can be set up should be sought only from the company.

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One of the disadvantages of this system is that the level of correction is not adjustable. Some owners with large or thick-haired dogs have said the correction is too mild for their dogs. This can be remedied by tightening the collar slightly (while still leaving plenty of room for the dog to breathe comfortably) so the prongs are nearer the neck. If your dog is especially stubborn, then you may find they simply won’t respond to the correction issued from the device. In that case, a good alternative is to get the deterrent system, and also purchase the Innotek IUC4225 or IUC5225 to go with the Pawz Away Model. Both these systems are built specifically for larger or more stubborn dogs.

The beep warning is issued by the collar, and is quite hard for humans to hear, although, with their excellent hearing, it is no trouble for a dog. This system is perfect for people who already have a good fence set up around their house, and because of this, they wouldn’t need a wireless fence containment system. If they are looking for a good unit that will keep their dog out of the rose bed, away from certain plants, or the patio, then this is the best unit for them.

The ‘rock’ has little protection underneath and because of this, it is recommended dog owners be sure to place the ‘rock’ on something waterproof so it will last for as long as possible.

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The collar itself should only be worn for 12 hours at a time. Because of this, the system may work best for someone with a dog that sleeps indoors at night. Larger, or thick haired dogs have trouble feeling or responding to the correction, so this unit will probably suit those with smaller, or short-haired dogs. Although quite a few dog owners have also reported their larger dogs have responded well. In the end, like most of the units, it comes down to good, consistent and reinforced training.

This model is recommend for dog owners who are more focused on keeping dogs out of a certain area, rather than keeping them in a boundary. It would users who already have a good fence in place and because of this have no need for a wireless fence.

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