PetSafe Stay and Play Wireless Fence (PIF00-12917) Review


Range: ¾ acre (210 ft. in diameter)

Price: $$$ (slightly higher price than others in this market. Use the box at the bottom of this review to find today’s price. It fluctuates thanks to the frequent sales and deals found on Amazon)

Verdict: Good buy. Really handy if you travel with your pets and want to bring your fence with you, and PetSafe makes an excellent quality product.


The PetSafe PIF00-12917 Stay and Play Wireless Fence is recommended for anyone looking for a containment fence that suits a fair sized yard. It’s also for people who are looking to purchase a second unit to extend the reach of their other transmitter (works especially well in conjunction with the PetSafe PIF-300). One of its greatest advantages is that it can be easily packed and taken on trips, meaning it makes it easier than ever to take your best friend on travels with you.

Like all PetSafe wireless fences, it comes with a training manual included, so you can get the best results possible out of your system. This unit can be used for dogs as small as 5 pounds, giving it a bit more versatility than some other units. The transmitter on this wireless fence covers a greater area than the PIF-300. It covers ¾ of an acre in the shape of a circular boundary. The range of this wireless fence can also be increased by installing another unit. This unit is usually also the first choice to increase the range of the PIF-300.

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This unit also uses 5 different correction intensities. A tone only correction setting may also be used for training. Boundary flags are also provided to mark out the perimeter. A warning beep is given as the dog approaches the boundary. The collar fits dogs with necks from 6 to 23 inches. Like the other PetSafe unit we feature, a warning tone is sounded as the dog approaches the boundary. If this warning zone is exceeded, then your dog will receive a correction. Correction levels are the same as the PIF-300 containment system, although some users have found the correction to be slightly less intense.

Unlike the collar on the PIF-300, the collar for this unit has a rechargeable battery. Which saves customers the hassle of always replacing batteries. The collar takes around 2 to 3 hours to charge fully, meaning there is little waiting time. The receiver unit is also located inside the collar on this model, which makes it much more stable and better suited to general wear and tear.

The actual transmitter is about a third the size of the previous model, making it very easy to transport. The fence takes very little time to set up, since there is no need to bury any wires. One of the greatest benefits provided by this model is that it provides a great way to safely travel with your pet. Since the unit is so quick to set up, and there is no need to set out any wires, it makes it easy to take with you on camping trips, and ensures your dog remains well-behaved. Other campers or holiday makers will probably be thanking you for keeping your dog so well-behaved.

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This wireless fence actually comes with two rechargeable collars that can charge at the same time, which will be a big bonus for owners of multiple dogs. It has an alarm warning that will inform you if the battery is low and needs recharging, which is very helpful when it comes to ensuring you give consistent training. The containment system is especially suitable for the pet owners among us with a larger yard size. All transmitters are only able to transmit in a circular shape, so this makes it easier for users to extend the boundaries outwards quite a bit, if they have more space.

Users have experienced one or two difficulties when using this unit. One of these is that the signal has been known to become unstable when the ground slopes significantly. Several users complained of problems associated with this, although another user claimed the unit worked fine even when a steep gradient was present.

The other main problem associated with this unit, not present in others, was that the correction was seen as milder than the previous model. In particular, large or especially furry dogs might not feel the correction. Although generally this can be corrected if the correction level is increased.

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The other main complaint users had about this unit, is that the transmitter, when set up, tends to make an audible whirring noise. Some dog owners found this quite irritating, although several said they got used to it quite quickly. This problem can easily be remedied by placing the unit out of earshot, in a garage or outside.

This unit is great for pet owners with larger yards, or people who want to extend the reach of their PIF-300. It is also a great way to safely travel with your pet, while still allowing them to roam within the boundaries and explore.

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PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence
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