SportDOG 100-Acre In-Ground Pet Fence System Review

For people with a large property and a usual shape, both conventional above ground fences and wireless fences can be costly to install and ineffective. The solution is an in-ground dog fence, much like the 100-acre in-ground pet fence system offered by SportDOG.

SportDOG manufacture a wide variety of superior products all structured around their promise of making gear the way their customers would design them. From fences and collars to whistles and apparel, they’re sure to put all the products they design through their paces before finalizing and manufacturing them. With amazing customer reviews to support it, this in-ground pet fence system is the culmination of that drive.

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Package Contents

When you purchase this product, you are provided with all you need to set up an in-ground fence system. This includes:

  • The SportDOG SDF-100A transmitter unit, capable of covering an area up to 100 acres large.
  • A charging adapter to power the transmitter.
  • A 1” wide collar receiver in black, suitable for dogs over 10 lbs.
  • 1,000 feet of 20-gauge wire, enough to enclose 1.3 acres.
  • 100 flags, to mark the fenced in area.
  • 2x waterproof wire nut covers to let you splice together sections of wire.
  • 2x long contact points which can be switched out with the short contact points on the collar if your dog has long hair.
  • 9V battery to power the collar.
  • A basic training manual & DVD

Now let’s take a closer look at some of the individual components.


The transmitter is a neat black plastic unit that can easily be mounted on a wall. The transmitter measures about 9.5” wide and 7” tall. It should be mounted indoors somewhere, preferably near a power outlet, and should be at least 3’ away from any nearby appliances or large metal objects. When selecting a place for your transmitter, remember that your boundary wire has to go from the transmitter outside, so try place it near a window or vent where you’ll be able to easily take the wire out.

To minimize the risk caused by electrical surges, it is advised to link the ground wire to your house’s ground circuit. There are several ways to achieve this, and the instruction manual goes into more detail on this. Two replaceable fuses are also built into the device to protect it. A further surge protector can be purchased from SportDOG. If you live in a lightning prone area, this is definitely advised, as a single strike can fry your transmitter. Replacement transmitters cannot be purchased, and you’ll have to fork out for an entire set.

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SportDOG 2


Majority of your setup work takes place on the transmitter. It has the following features:

  • Stimulation Mode Switch – While you can specify how much stimulation your pet receives on the collar; the stimulation mode can be set on the transmitter. The mode switch allows you to specify how the collar responds. Options are beep, stimulation, or both.
  • Range Adjuster – The range adjuster lets you set the boundary width, that is the distance from when a warning is given, before a stimulation is provided.
  • Power and Loop Indicator Light – The transmitter has lights to indicate whether it is receiving power and if there are any problems with the loop. If a problem with the loop is detected, a loop alarm is sounded to warn you.

Boundary Layout

The manual that SportDOG provide gives good details on how best to set up your boundary. The main thing to note is that both ends of the wire have to plug into the transmitter. If you are doing a full loop around your house, that is easy, but if you only want a portion of your house, it means you have to return the cable all the way back along the same route. This is standard procedure for in-ground fences, but important to know before purchasing, as you will require twice as much wire as you perhaps thought.


The collar is neat and made from black nylon. The receiver is encased in plastic and mounted on the collar. The receiver operates on a 9V battery which is said to last 6 to 12 months. Customers appear to be having very varied results, everything from 3 months to a year and a half. The biggest contributor appears to be how often stimulation is provided. A low battery warning is provided in the form of an LED flashing on the collar.

To replace the battery, you have to undo four screws to open the weatherproof cover. On the receiver, you are also able to set the amount of stimulation provided. There are 5 settings to choose from, starting with a beep and vibration without stimulation, and then increasing levels of stimulation.

The SportDOG collar also features an anti-linger function for in case your dog gets stuck in the static correction zone. Should this happen, correction will only be applied for a maximum of 30 seconds. It will then no longer provide static correction, but will continue to give the warning until your dog has left the static correction zone.

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Other features of the product include instructional guides on how to teach your dog, as well as a DVD demonstrating the techniques. To aid the training a series of flags are provided to set physical markers of where your boundary lies.

If you have multiple dogs or are wanting to extend the range of your system, SportDOG sell additional collars and wire and flag sets to make this expansion easy. Additional setup is minimal and clear instructions are given. The kit expanding to cover areas up to 100 acres is actually one of its big draws, where other systems are limited to only 10 acres.


Customers are extremely impressed with this system, with 90% of reviewers providing positive feedback. One or two customers have complained about build quality, but for most consumers they have had no problems. The SportDOG SDF-100A in-ground pet fence system is a great product. It is on the pricier side of products, but not in an excessive manner, and the quality of product that is provided is well worth it.