Our goal here is to provide you with the absolute best information and recommendations when it comes to selecting your wireless dog fence.

We’ve done in depth reviews of only the very best. There are a few sites out there that have the option for you to buy all of the available dog fences, even though there are a few models with terrible reviews out there. We dug down deep and found only 4 models we thought you should have a serious look at. 3 of them are containment units that keep dogs in, and one of them is a handy model that deters dogs from being in certain areas (gardens, pools, etc.).

Hopefully if you have any questions, our knowledge base article will answer them for you, then you can get started by checking out our reviews to find out which unit is the best for your needs.

We know it can be pretty tough to find the right solution, because honestly not a lot of people talk about invisible fences or have one, so we understand if you need to have a look around and figure out the best one! Just remember – training is the number one most important thing with these systems. They’re definitely not set it and forget it. Just be patient with your dog, follow the training manuals and use common sense, and you’ll be creating strong boundaries in under a week.

Let us know if you have any other concerns, questions, or want a unit reviewed!